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Organic Church


Media overload has failed to fulfill. Virtually we presume we have seen it all and experienced every emotion from Syrian refugee children to the latest horrific news image of the day. Hurting people attempt band-aid cures propagated by the psychological industry that diagnosis problems it has no solutions for. Psychotropic drug use is at an all time high as patients obligingly numb themselves into silence. Honest hearts that know there must be something else, yet most things called "Christian" have not satisfied their yearning souls, Why?

The packaging and commercializing of the Gospel have detracted from it's true message. We shop for a Church like we would a product. looking for what pleases us, rather than what brings glory to God. In this environment Truth suffers, discernment is lacking, human comfort and feelings trump the design of the Creator.

"A Spiritual Makeover,

The Way God Originally 

Designed It.

Organic Church, the way it should be.

-Pastor David

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